Premier Construction Feature!

Premier Construction Feature

The Bespoke Design Glazing team were delighted to be featured in Premier Construction magazine! Situated on a private plot of land, the Teglhus project saw us work closely with the client and an architect on the initial conceptual designs, manufacture and installation of bespoke high end glazing solutions.

The project was named Teglhus after the words ‘Tegl‘ and ‘Hus‘, meaning brick and house respectively in Danish.

This project was fantastic to be apart of, with the client and the architect having clear ideas on what they wanted to achieve. We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of matching their ambitions.

This project gave us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our level of service. From initial designs and technical drawing to our in-house manufacture and installation by our highly qualified team, we are at the forefront for high end glazing solutions.

You can read more on our feature by clicking here.

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