Slimline Windows

These slimline windows are ideal for delivering top aesthetics. We operate across the North and South of England. Design your project for slimline windows with our online tool or get in touch for more information about our bespoke glazing services.

Slimline Windows Greater Manchester
Slimline Windows Greater Manchester
Slimline Window Prices Greater Manchester

Why Choose Slimline Windows?

These slimline aluminium windows come in a choice of three models to complement the architecture of any modern property. Despite their slimline aesthetics, these windows are highly insulated with effective thermal breaks.

The water and air tightness of these slimline windows have been tested to superb results, plus offer an impressive acoustic performance of 45 dBRw. Enjoy a more comfortable and peaceful home by choosing these windows, which we manufacture in-house alongside our industry leading architectural and frameless effect glazing.

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Reynaers Profile Options

Slimline Windows Greater Manchester

CS 68

The CS 68 is a thermally improved three chamber system for slimline windows that boast the optimum combination of high insulation levels and safety to provide U-values from 1.8 W/m²K.

The CS 68 window offers a wide range of inward and outward opening designs that are available in a range of four different styles. Combined with a huge choice of colours and finishes, and the ability to specify a different colour inside and out, the CS 68 is a truly versatile system that can be designed to complement any style of home.

Slimline Windows Bolton

CS 77

The CS 77 is a highly insulated slimline windows system that is thermally well insulated, stable and secure. The U-value for the standard opening window can reach 1.6 W/m²K. These profiles make it perfectly suitable to add triple glazing.

The CS 77 window’s acoustic performance, water and air tightness meet the most stringent of European standards. They also are fire and bullet resistant. Furthermore, CS 77 slimline windows offer superior levels of burglar resistance.

Slimline Windows Greater Manchester

SL 68

The SL 68 outward opening window allows for maximum daylight access. It has superior levels of weather resistance and optimal insulation properties. The ultra slim sightlines ensure that even in small openings, daylight access isn’t compromised in favour of performance.

The SL 68 window is an ideal solution for those renovating domestic buildings as well as new builds. Vents can be glazed from the inside as well as the outside, and are available in a standard and a HI insulation level.

Slimline Windows Greater Manchester

Versatile Slimline Windows

Slimline windows made by Reynaers are specifically designed to meet the demands for an outward opening window with a slim profile. They allow homeowners to let lots of natural light into their home, making it feel more spacious.

Slimline windows are available in a range of hinging options, with choices of inward and outward openings, side or top hinged, tilt or tilt and turn all available. As the design mimics the sightlines of authentic steel windows, they make the perfect replacement profile.

Triple glazing is our standard upgrade, with a choice of four glass types. The frames can be anodised or finished in a choice of RAL colours. You can ensure these slimline windows are entirely made bespoke to the needs of you, your family and your home.

Slimline Window Bolton

Secure Slimline Windows

This range of slimline windows is designed and tested to the most stringent security standards in the industry. Knowing that this window has been awarded the Secured by Design accreditation means you can rest assured that your home, your family and your home are protected.

These windows are fitted with a multi point locking system and a lockable handle. Hinge side security brackets also help to create one of the most secure windows on the market. For more information on the security upgrade and options, get in touch today.

Reynaers Windows Bolton

High Performing Slimline Windows

Slimline aluminium windows with architectural glazing can achieve U-values as low as 1.1 W/m²K. Such low values mean these windows achieve the highest energy performance achievable with window energy ratings of up to A++.

Our range of slimline windows exceeds all the industry requirements for acoustic and weather performance including air and water tightness and wind load resistance. Additional vents can be glazed from both the interior and exterior, and are available with a standard or HI insulation level for an enhanced performance.

Slimline Window Greater Manchester

Slimline Window Prices

To submit an enquiry for a project involving our range of slimline windows, use our online tool today. It’s completely free, available on all devices and will help us generate a bespoke estimate for your dream renovations. We carry out work in the North and South of England, while still regularly working in Bolton, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lake District, Leeds, Clitheroe, Lancashire and Yorkshire region

Alternatively, we are happy to discuss projects directly over the phone. If you wish to contact us directly, for queries about our products and services, please give us a call.


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