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Why Choose our Rooflights?

Our structural glazed roof window system can be used to construct visually impressive rooflights of almost any size or design. This thermally insulated system can be used to create impressive skylights, particularly with large module widths, industry leading installation heights, and they can be facetted inwards or outwards and with a frameless effect design.

Where you have a high ceiling and a ceiling without loft space, a rooflight is the ideal option. From pitched roofs through to arched heads with wide spans, our high insulation rooflight system complies with the latest energy saving regulations.

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Energy Efficient Rooflights

Adding a rooflight to your home is a cost effective way of introducing natural light and warmth. Our rooflights can be shaped to accommodate your home, allowing you to have the maximum light entering your property.

As air rises, rooflights can help keep the interiors of homes cooler in the summer months. As the warm air can easily escape through the rooflight, it will help make your home feel more comfortable.

While rooflights are a great choice for keeping property’s cool in the summer, you don’t have to worry about them raising your energy bills in the winter months. Glass with low U-values help to ensure a high level of insulation, so it’s harder for heat to escape.


Made to Measure Rooflights

Unlike vertical windows, glass rooflights can be used to make a statement and act as a focal point in your home. Installing a rooflight above an open plan kitchen counter, dining room table, or living room seating area is an excellent way of creating a focal point in a room.

Rooflights are also beneficial to those looking for privacy. The angle and placement of glass rooflights make it near impossible for nosy neighbours and passers by to look into your home. You can enjoy privacy without needing curtains and blinds. Whatever your design requirements, we can construct and manufacture the perfect system for your home and project.


Quality Glazed Rooflights

Whether you’re refurbishing your home, extending it or furbishing a new build further afield in Yorkshire, our aluminium rooflights will add style and practical value. The slimline design of the double or triple glazing will let in lots of light and reward you with clearer views.

They will also help provide stunning views of your garden and create eye catching yet elegant exterior sightlines. Thanks to the easy clean ingress hinge option we offer with some of our models, these rooflights are low maintenance.


Flat Rooflights

Flat rooflights are a stunning and sleek design that will flood any home with an abundance of natural light. They’re perfect for rooms with a flat roof overhead, creating a slimline yet eye catching feature.

With a range of weather sealing throughout the profile and the latest in locking mechanisms, you’ll have a rooflight that matches its style with an abundance of substance.


Walk On Rooflights

Walk on rooflights grant your home the stylish benefits of adding a rooflight to your home while still allowing you to maximise space. They’ll support weight, perfect for decking and terrace areas.

At the same time, walk on rooflights will continue to flood your home with natural light, making your space more welcoming and inviting.


Pitched Rooflights

Pitched rooflights allow homeowners to maximise the angle of their roof to allow the greatest amounts of natural illumination within the property. With slimline frames and a large glass area, they’ll maximise the design of your home.

There is a range of pitches available, allowing homeowners to choose the setup that suits their individual and unique property.


Bespoke Rooflights

If you have a particularly unique set up within your home, our bespoke rooflights could be the perfect fit for you. With our bespoke, Greater Manchester based manufacturing, we can create rooflights tailored to your home.

With our bespoke range, you’ll be able to add swathes of light to your home, making the most of your interior space.


Up and Over Rooflights

For a stunning, unobstructed view, choose our range of up and over rooflights for your home. With their unique double design, these slimline, aesthetic rooflights will add a truly magnetic feature that is sure to wow guests within your home.

While granting immense stylistic benefits, the performance will deliver across thermal efficiency, security and weatherproofing.


Rooflight Prices

Our online tool is the ideal way for you to enquire about these bespoke rooflights. By simply submitting your details and information about your desired renovations, you’ll be able to request a tailored price for your home.

Our coverage area includes the North and South of England. However, we regularly cover the Bolton, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lake District, Leeds, Clitheroe, Lancashire and Yorkshire region with our rooflights.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by calling o1204 526 055 to speak to a member of our friendly team. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have, or offer a bespoke price.


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