Steel Alternative Windows

With their ultra slim profiles and improved energy efficiency, these windows are the ideal steel alternative. We manufacture and install these in projects right across England. Design your project on our range of steel alternative windows by using our bespoke tool or call us for more pricing information.

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Why Choose Steel Alternative Windows?

These highly insulated, in-house manufactured steel alternative windows are ideal for modern homes. The system is available in three unique design variants and will let an abundance of light into your home. It is also the ideal addition to older homes, if you want to preserve its vintage appearance. However, the sleek design is also the perfect compliment for our bespoke, expansive glazed systems.

The appearance of these steel alternative windows gives a strong industrial and minimalistic architectural appeal to buildings. The incredibly slim sightlines of just 102 mm from jamb to glass give an elegant finish, allowing you to enjoy your garden or surrounding views all year round.

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Steel Alternative Window Costs Aluminium Windows Greater Manchester Steel Alternative Windows Greater Manchester Steel Alternative Window Prices Greater Manchester

Reynaers Profile Options

Steel Alternative Window Prices Bolton

SL 38

The SL 38 is a highly insulated inward and outward opening window. It has an elegant, steel look that is the perfect solution for modern architectural designs. It also the ideal replacement for steel framed windows, as they respect the original design without compromising on thermal performance.

The SL 38 system is available in three different minimalistic design variants to perfectly match the architecture of a home. The steel alternative windows can be provided with triple glazing without losing the ultra slim look.

Reynaers Slimline Windows

SL 68

The SL68 aluminium window system has been designed to give a great all round performance to UK homes. Aesthetically stylish, it uses a sleek, slimline construction that creates a minimalist style for your home. The focus will be on the glass area of this stunning aluminium steel replacement window.

Providing a great performance, the SL 68 is energy efficient, with values as low as 1.1 W/m²K. This will help keep your home a comfortable, constant temperature throughout even the coldest of winter months.

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Thermally Efficient Steel Alternative Windows

These steel alternative windows feature an invisible drainage system, this avoids the unsightly presence of drainage caps on the bottom rails of the window. This allows them to compliment our unique frameless effect systems, without compromising on the overall performance of your windows and bespoke glazed systems.

These windows have the U-values of 1.4 W/m²K or more depending on the glass option used and window configuration. The window system will accept double or triple gazing of up 55 mm.

Each of the models of steel window we offer has similar sightlines. The overall frame dimension for each on an outward opening window is 56.5 mm.


Steel Alternative Windows Greater Manchester

Steel Alternative Window Models

The Classic system is a more traditional looking window. At the bottom of each vent and they also have a weather bar appearance. The Cubic variant of the Reynaers window is a much more flatline looking window.

The Ferro model is designed to replicate older steel Windows. At the bottom of the vent is a projecting ‘bar’ section typical of traditional steel alternatives. The outer frame remains flat in profile and hidden hinges can be added.

If you would like further information on the Reynaers windows or steel alternative windows in aluminium generally, please get in touch with us today.

Steel Alternative Window Costs

High Performance Steel Alternative Windows

These steel alternative windows feature a highly insulated three chamber system and are manufactured in-house to the highest specifications. You can choose from an outward opening casement with the Classic variant as well as tilt and turn options with Ferro and Cubic.

The weather performance will help protect your home, no matter the weather. The windows will achieve air tightness of Class 4 (600Pa) and water tightness Class 9A (600Pa).

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Steel Alternative Window Prices

Use our online tool to submit an enquiry on a bespoke glazing project involving our steel alternative windows. Whether you have a new build or want to update your heritage home, we can generate a price bespoke to your property. We carry out work throughout England, as well as locally in homes across the Bolton, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lake District, Leeds, Clitheroe, Lancashire and Yorkshire areas.

If you’d rather talk to us directly, get in touch via the phone. Our team will be happy to discuss projects over the phone.


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