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Brighten homes across the country with our architectural frameless glazing. Our coverage area expands throughout the North and South of England including Cheshire and Greater Manchester. Get in touch and find out more about structural and frameless glass and to discuss a project involving either, anyway in the North or South of England.

Structural Glazing
Structural Glazing
Structural Glazing

Why Choose Structural Glazing?

Structural glazing gives a sophisticated look to any home. Whilst letting the maximum light into a home, they also offer a sleek look with no visible hardware thanks to their frameless effect design. Lines remain clean and uncluttered, giving a modern and elegant finish. Structural glass can be used to enclose a balcony, maximise kitchen or be the bridge between your home and patio. The possibilities are endless when you come to us – we are in the industry experts in design architectural glazing that is bespoke to your home.

Ordinarily, the strength and rigidity of a sliding door system is provided by the aluminium frame. Structural frameless glass is a unique product in our range. The glass forms the structure of the door profile rather than the aluminium frame. As the glass sealed unit bears the load, the outer aluminium frame connects the system to your home. As a result, window, door or panel sizes can be enhanced, and the thickness of the frame can be reduced.

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Structural Glazing Structural Glazing Structural Glazing Structural Glazing Structural Glazing Structural Glazing Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing

Frameless Glass

If your home has curved walls or odd angles that were previously limiting, structural glazing is the answer. Bespoke Design Glazing can – from scratch – design, manufacture and install frameless glass in nearly any configuration. These panels can bend inward or outward, and at different angles so you can make the most of the unique architecture of your home. You can make your glazing dreams a reality with our services.

As the outer frame is designed to be concealed behind the surrounding wall, Reynaers profiles can deliver the ideal of having floor to ceiling and wall to wall glass.

Structural Glazing

Secure Glass Options

Windows and doors are often considered weak points within a home. At Bespoke Design Glazing, we take safety and security very seriously. Our structural frameless doors and windows have been designed and tested to offer the highest level of security for homes.

To give their elegant, slim finish, the locking systems are hidden away. This means it’s nearly impossible to access them and to push these doors off their tracks. With no tracks, this range eliminates common trip hazards.

Structural Glazing

Modern Structural Frameless Glass

Like other modern replacement windows and doors, our frameless glass range provides all the benefits of modern structural glazing. This glazing range enjoys a superior level of thermal performance with superior U-values, ensuring your home is comfortable all year round.

These architectural glazing options are available in a range of colours, finishes and hardware, thanks to our turnkey design and build service. Get in touch today to learn how to customise your new glazed renovations, and which options are available to you and to discuss your own project.

Structural Glazing

Frameless Glazing

For a truly minimalist aesthetic, frameless glazing creates a uniquely elegant, luxurious style that will add a distinct kerb appeal to your home. Removing framing from the equation, frameless glazing places the maximum emphasis on the glass, creating a truly contemporary look that will make any property stunning.

With frameless glazing, you are assured the best, wide open views outside your home, creating a panoramic feature. At the same time, natural light will flood into the property, bringing with it a host of benefits. More light will make your interior seem even larger than it really is, making the most out of your space.

Structural Glazing

Glass Links

Create a distinctive, stunning, seamless transition between spaces with our glass links. Minimalist with their slimline, elegant aesthetics, these glass links add an injection of style to your property, with large glazing areas that provide amazing, panoramic views. With no frame, these glazed links will bring a wealth of luxury.

Using our high quality glazing, glass links can be a great way to add square footage to your property. The areas they cover will be protected by the thermally insulating glass, allowing you to use the extra space for a number of versatile purposes. For style and substance, our glass links will provide a flexible, highly elegant space.

Structural Glazing

Glass Boxes

Glass boxes are the perfect mix of practical and aesthetically striking, adding space and style to your home in equal measure. With extra square footage for your home, these elegant extensions could increase your property’s value while adding a massive amount of appeal for you and your guests.

Incredibly strong and durable, the high quality glazing that we use for our glass boxes will provide excellent resistance against the worst effects of the weather, keeping you safe and secure. You can integrate our range of aluminium sliding doors as well for a thermally efficient and stunning house extension.

Structural Glazing

Oriel Windows

Oriel windows are a slimline window solution that also adds space to your home for a versatile and aesthetically pleasing home improvement. They allow for expansive views outside of the home, with a wide glass area that also allows natural light to flood into your home. In turn, this can make your space seem even larger than it really is.

While undeniably elegant and stylish, these oriel windows are also a distinctly practical window solution for your home. Protected against the weather and potential intruders alike, you can rest assured with peace of mind. Thermally broken with double glazing, these windows will help your home be warm and comfortable all year round.

Structural Glazing

Up & over glazing

Allowing for excellent views of the sky, up & over glazing opens up the views from inside of your home. Unique in their design, they’ll allow natural light to enter your home from the perfect angle making for an interior space that is bright and inviting. At the same time, their slimline, elegant aesthetics will add a wealth of style to your home.

While the aesthetic quality that up & over glazing will add to your home is undeniable, they are also high performers. With quality glazing, thermal efficiency will be ensured throughout your home, helping to keep a comfortable, cosy environment all year round. Up & over glazing is tough and durable, too, keeping your home protected.

Structural Glazing

Gable glazing

Following the structure of your home, this unique style of glazing invites light to flood your home, creating a well lit, functional space for a versatile amount of uses. The distinctive look of gable glazing creates a striking aesthetic that is sure to add kerb appeal to your property. With slim sightlines and an emphasis on the glass area, this is a truly elegant glazing solution.

With a steady flow of natural light into your home, you can rely less on electrical lighting. Combined with the thermally efficient properties that our gable glazing provides, you could see a reduction in utility bills leading to a more cost effective home.

Structural Glazing

Bespoke Glazing

If your home has a very unique and distinctive layout, but you still want to see the benefits, whether stylish or practical, our bespoke glazing can provide what you need. Regardless of the shape of your home, we have the materials and skills needed to deliver the perfect glazing solution for your property.

Perfect for homeowners seeking specific performance requirements, our range of glazing can be tailored to perfectly meet your specific vision. Strong and sturdy in nature, you can rely on our bespoke glazing to provide a durable, lasting performance, keeping your home safe and protected from even the worst weather effects.

Aluminum Windows

Structural Glazing Prices

Contacting us and making an enquiry is the ideal way for you to discuss your structural and frameless glass options. We can discuss your project requirements in greater detail, wherever you are based across our expansive coverage area.

We serve customers in the North and South of England, while additionally we locally cover Bolton, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lake District, Leeds, Clitheroe, Lancashire and Yorkshire region.

Our experienced yet friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have as well.


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