Aluminium French Doors

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Aluminium French Doors
Aluminium French Doors
Aluminium French Doors

Why Choose Aluminium French Doors?

Our range of aluminium French doors is a traditional style of hinged door that open inwards or outwards. Available in both slimline and frameless designs, we manufacture these double doors in-house to the highest industry standards.

Aluminium French doors are an all round great performer that work well in most styles of home due to their practicality and simplicity. We work with Reynaers, who provide us with the materials for this in-house manufacturing.

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Aluminium French Doors Aluminium French Doors Aluminium French Doors Aluminium French Doors Aluminium French Doors Aluminium French Doors Aluminium French Doors

Reynaers Profile Options

Aluminium French Doors

CS 104

Designed to maximise comfort whilst reducing energy, the CS 104 is one most innovative inward opening door systems on the market. The insulation strips increase stability and when combined with innovative foam that enhanced the window’s performance.

The CS 104 has weather gaskets, combined with the special patented foam in the chambers of the polyamide, will ensure your home enjoys outstanding results for years to come. The U-values have been measured as low as 0.88 W/m²K.

Aluminium French Doors

CS 86

The CS 86 is a robust flush door that offers the best in safety, stability and insulation. Available in all types of outward and inward opening types, this flush door range offers a large variety of door locks, ensuring that the CS 86 meets all security requirements.

Delivering aesthetic flexibility in combination with high performance, the CS 86 door range is available in several threshold solutions. The CS 86 utilises specially designed insulation strips to ensure door tightness and thermal performance.

Aluminium French Doors

CS 77

The CS 77 is a flush door system, which meets all industry requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security. This standard flush door range is available in all inward and outward opening types, supported with a wide range of door locks.

These aluminium doors are specially designed with insulation strips that are used to negate any potential bending of the element. The insulation strips provide excellent air tightness and contribute towards the high thermal performance of the CS 77.

Aluminium French Doors

SL 38

SL 38 is a highly insulated system with inward opening doors that combines elegance and comfort, with high performance features. This slim steel look is the perfect solution for modern architectural jobs and replacing outdated steel doors.

These industry leading Slimline 38 doors have been tested to the highest standards and offer superior insulation properties. SL 38 doors open and close effortlessly to provide you with years and years of reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

Aluminium French Doors

Secure Aluminium French Doors

Our range of aluminium French doors has been tested to the highest standards. We understand security is a priority to a homeowner, so it’s important that our aluminium door systems have high levels of security and weather resistance.

These aluminium French doors have been meticulously designed to open and close effortlessly, providing you years and years of reliable operation. Secure, slim and stylish, aluminium is strong as a material. These doors won’t need repainting and are 100% recyclable.

The locking mechanisms used when crafting our aluminium doors boasts impressively high specification. These profiles achieve PAS 24 security and Secured by Design accreditations. No matter the aesthetics and finishes chosen, these doors will never compromise on security.

Aluminium French Doors

Bespoke Aluminium French Doors

We offer a range of decorative, structural, frameless and even obscured glass, with triple as glazing as standard. Additionally, our bespoke aluminium French doors are powder coated to provide a high quality finish. All RAL colours are available, allowing you to entirely personalise these doors to suit your home.

We offer a choice of hardware to our customers. PAS 24 locking mechanisms are available to ensure security is a priority. All the furniture we offer for our aluminium French doors is as stylish as it is functional. Redefine every aspect of these doors to ensure they are the perfect fit for your home.

Aluminium French Doors

Energy Efficient Aluminium Double Doors

Our thermally efficient aluminium French doors are an excellent investment that will save homeowners money in the long run. Your home will stay warmer and cosier all year round with a resilient aluminium barrier in place within the door.

These doors are crafted in-house with the latest and best performing aluminium. With exceptional energy efficiency alongside stylish designs, they’re an excellent choice for any and all homeowners looking to enhance the look and performance of their property.

Aluminium French Doors

Aluminium French Doors Prices

Use our online form to submit an enquiry for a project involving new aluminium French doors. Free and easy to access on all devices, our form will allow us to use your specifications to provide an accurate quote over a subsequent phone call or consultation.

Our coverage area expands across the North and South of England. We also regularly renovate homes across the Bolton, Greater Manchester and the Cheshire, Lake District Leeds, Clitheroe, Lancashire and Yorkshire areas.

You can also contact us directly – simply call us. Our team will be happy to answer any queries you may have about our aluminium doors or any of our frameless and structural glass services.


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