Structural Glazing Southport

Add a stunning focal point to a Southport property with our structural glazing. These modern frameless glazing solutions will create a bright and welcoming environment, without compromising on security, thermal efficiency and weatherproofing. Use our online quoting engine to request a quote and start your double glazing engine installation project.

Structural Glazing cost Southport
Bespoke Structural Glazing Southport
Structural Glazing cost Southport

Why Choose Structural Glazing?

Our structural glazing solutions are an elegant way to upgrade modern and traditional homes in the Southport area. These designs feature minimal framework and visible hardware, helping you enjoy panoramic views of the outside world.

Structural glazing is commonly used in balconies, kitchens and as a bridge between a Southport home and patio areas. In normal circumstances, the aluminium or uPVC frame of a window or door would provide the structural support. Our structural glazing installations don’t need bulky frames to prevent broken glass.

The glass used in our modern designs forms the structure of the window or door profile rather than the framework. The frame on our structural glazing is simply used to connect your new window or door to your home.


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Structural Glass Southport

Bespoke Design

Our truly bespoke structural glazing designs are an ideal investment if you are working on a property with unusual curves or odd angles. Because we manufacture all our structural glazing in-house, our team can create designs that suit spaces where normal windows and doors struggle to fit in.

The panels used in the fabrication of our windows and doors can bend wither inward or outward, embracing the natural charm of your Southport property. Contact our team today for more information on how we can create a floor to ceiling and wall to wall installation for your property.

We’ll make sure the glazing installation process is suited to you and your timeframe, making the fitting project as hassle free as possible. This is partly made possible by our structural glazing manufacturing process’s bespoke nature, which will ensure a perfect fit.


Structural Glazing

Secure Glass Options

Windows and doors are often considered weak points of entry for intruders to take advantage of. Enjoy expansive panels of glazing with compromising on the safety of a property, your loved ones and prized possessions.

Our structural glazing is fitted with a host of safety measures, making it a fantastic investment for family homes. The locking systems are all concealed. This not only improve the aesthetics of the installation but makes them nearly impossible to be accessed.

We test our entire range of windows and doors to ensure they can handle whatever life throws at them. Adverse weather conditions and unwelcome intruders will not be able to gain entry into your home with our structural glazing solutions.


Structural Glazed Windows

Thermal Efficiency

Our structural glazing range offers form and function. Enjoy a market leading level of thermal performance, thanks to the contemporary glazing used. We don’t believe customers enhancing the look of their property should have to compromise on the safety, weatherproofing or thermal efficiency of a building.

All window and door systems available in our range of structural glazing are Passive House certified, ensuring Southport properties have a low energy solution that will further reduce a building’s carbon footprint. Homeowners can benefit from triple glazing, boasting U-values as low as 0.62 W/m2K. Create a cost efficient and sustainable property today with our structural glazing.

Our entire range of architectural glazing can be customised to match your current architecture and personal preferences. We offer a diverse range of colours, finishes, and hardware.


bespoke Structural Glazing Southport

Frameless Glazing

Frameless glazing is a minimalist addition to Southport properties. The luxury installation offers kerb appeal as it removes any clunky framework. This truly contemporary installation places maximum emphasis on the glazing, flooding your space with natural light to create a welcoming ambience. More light inside a property will make it appear larger than it is, helping boost kerb appeal without compromising on performance.

made to measure Structural Glazing Southport

Glass Links

Create an aesthetically pleasing and seamless transition between spaces with our glass links. Structural glass links are the perfect way to connect a new extension to an existing Southport building. Frameless effect glass links can provide shelter between two areas while enhancing the natural light.

Structural glass links are a visually appealing architectural focal point that is an unobstructive way of linking historical buildings and listed properties.  Glass links can also help you create a habitable space with impressive light intake.



Structural Glazing windows costs Southport

Glass Boxes

Glass boxes deliver the perfect combination of visual appeal and performance. Add space to your property and boost market value with our structural glazing.

The glass boxes are crafted using robust glazing which can handle adverse weather conditions and impact. These glass boxes can be integrated into our aluminium sliding doors for a stunning extension of your building.

Structural Glazing boxes Southport

Oriel Windows

Our bespoke structural oriel window design provides a frameless internal view which maximises daylight inside a Southport building. Oriel windows make a fantastic focal point in rooms where external windows are far away, or too small to produce natural light.

Using the latest in glass technology, these Oriel windows are double or triple glazed to ensure a property remains warm in winter yet cool in the hotter months. A glass oriel window is endlessly versatile, highlighting historical buildings and enhancing new builds.

Structural Glazing

Up & Over Glazing

Up & over is created using structural glass for a frameless design that has little to no size restrictions. The Insulated toughened glass is available in sizes up to 20m long to ensure that design flexibility is maintained.

Due to the bespoke nature of up & over glass designs, almost any glass specification can be used during fabrication. Typically, double glazing will be used to create an insulated design in a Southport home, however triple glazing or single glazing can also be used depending on your specifications.

Structural Glazing near me

Gable Glazing

A gable end window follows your roof structure to flood floor spaces with natural light. Roof pitches are commonly triangular, helping light fill previously dark spaces and reach new areas of the home.

Gable glazing can be commonly found in loft conversion projects. Whether frameless or slim frames, these structural glazing solutions are fully thermally efficient which ensures a comfortable living temperature all year round.

Bespoke Structural Glazing near me

Why Choose Us?

Bespoke Design Glazing offer a customised design package for structural glazing projects. With an in house design team boasting over four decades of experience in the home improvement, we are continuously pushing the boundaries architectural, structural and frameless glazing.

We do not believe our role in the process ends with installation. Should you ever have any concerns or issues with your windows or doors after installation, we’ll be on hand to help, providing quality aftercare long after.

Aluminum Windows

Structural Glazing Prices, Southport

Use our online quoting engine to start designing your dream home today. Input your details and specifications to generate a bespoke quote with no obligation to purchase.

If you have any questions or want more information about our structural glazing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our highly experienced team will be on hand to answer your queries, offer impartial advice and help you get the right installation for your home.


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