Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows will give Greater Manchester homes a host of benefits. The main reason aluminium windows are so popular is due to the increased durability, energy efficiency and scratch resistance they offer.

Made using the latest technology and machinery, our range of aluminium windows use a thermal break for improved insulation. This makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking to improve the warmth of your home.


Aluminium is lightweight yet never compromises on durability. Capable of resisting general wear and tear, aluminium windows are naturally scratch resistant and weatherproof. They can last for decades with very minimal maintenance.


Installed as they are, aluminium windows offer a modern slim metallic look. With the full range of RAL colours and unique finishes, they can create be designed to suit any home. With the wood effect finishes we offer, they can perfectly suit period and traditional properties just as well.

Slim Sightlines

Thanks to how they are made, aluminium windows are capable of much slimmer sightlines than alternatives. Aluminium windows can hold much larger areas of glazing, allowing more light to flood into your home. Enjoy unobstructed views, ideal if you love admiring your garden or the countryside.

Energy Efficient

When fitted with a thermal break, aluminium windows can achieve superior levels of thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation. This reduces the amount of cental heating required to heat your home, thus lowering your heating bills.


Aluminium is one of the most eco friendly material to use on your home. It’s capable of being melted down and transformed once its long life is over.

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